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White Sky, Black Ice

Occasionally my reviews of legal mysteries comment on the legal reality of the mystery. You can follow the progression of my favourite authors with up to 15 reviews. Each year I select my favourites in "Bill's Best of ". As well as current reviews I am posting reviews from to Below my most recent couple of posts are the posts of Saskatchewan mysteries I have reviewed alphabetically by author. If you only want a sentence or two description of the book and my recommendation when deciding whether to read the book look at the bold portion of the review.

If you would like to email me the link to my email is on the profile page. View my complete profile. I am posting an outstanding Alaskan mystery by Stan Jones. Bernadette from Reactions to Reading had mentioned it was waiting for her on her eReader last week in her post for "I".

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I thought the second in the series, Shaman Pass , was even better. White Sky, Black Ice by Stan Jones — It is always exciting to find a new character in a setting outside a major city with a mystery unique to the area. Active is an Alaskan state trooper stationed in his home village, Chukchi, on the northwest slope of Alaska. With the ocean to the west and tundra to the east there are few more remote areas. The indigeneous population is the Inupiaq the people.

Eskimo is a pejorative term. Active was born to an Inupiaq mother who put him up for adoption. He is dutifully putting in time at Chukchi but eagerly looking forward to getting transferred to Anchorage. He has doubts about the suicide of Charley Clinton. Active is asked by his birth mother to help find a missing husband, Aaron Stone. With no curse, a happy family life and a good job at the Grey Wolf copper mine there is no reason for Aaron to kill himself.

Local leader, Tom Werner, is advocating the residents vote to ban alcohol.

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  • White Sky, Black Ice (Nathan Active Series #1) | books | White sky, Black, Mystery.
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  • Drunkeness is devastating the community. As Active pursues the investigation he finds romance with Lucy Generous her grandmother sets them up. The characters are real people. The author captures the Inupiaq contraction of English verbs vividly. The descriptions of the vast Arctic are powerful.