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The highest in that order stands the individual who is not pecked at all.

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  6. Social Behaviour in Animals with Special Reference to Vertebrates -

It has been seen that if food, water or a specific standing space is desired by two individuals of the flock, the higher in the peck order simply pecks at the other. In most vertebrates there is a tendency to defend certain area against the intrusion by the other individuals of the same species. In many animals territorial behaviour appears only during breeding season. In some birds the males set up a territory and defend it against the intrusion of other males. Similar behaviour is exhibited by many fishes and mammals. In all probability odour is the primitivemost means of communication.

Its role amongst the Invertebrates is little known. The role of scent organs in mammals has been worked out in some details. The secretions of these glands are steroid or steroid-like compounds that might have evolved from the excreted forms of sex hormones. The practice of nose rubbing in many mammals and the rubbing of antennae in many insects is a common feature. By such an act the members belonging to the same society recognise each other.

Social Behavior and Organization Among Vertebrates

Some animals with well-developed vision practise visual communications amongst themselves. The most highly developed means of communication is auditory signalling.

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  • Sound production is done in a variety of ways. Some insects produce sounds by rubbing legs or wings.

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    Swim bladder in many fishes is used as sound-producing organ. Vocal cords are well developed in male frogs and mammals.

    The membrana semilunaris inside the syringeal cavity sub-serve the function of vocal cord in most birds. Frisch and others have made exhaustive studies on bee communication. In general the bees adopt two mechanisms to. They make round dance and wagging dance.

    Notes on Vertebrate Society | Ecology

    About this book Contents Customer reviews Related titles. Images Additional images. About this book Originally published in , this is a classic study in animal behaviour, drawing on the author's own extraordinary studies of insects, fish, and birds, as well as on the literature.

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    Animal social behaviour

    Bird Brain. More Info. Insect Behavior. Courtship and Mating in Butterflies.

    Social behavior and organization among vertebrates | UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI LIBRARY

    Thinking Like a Parrot. Other Minds. Where the Animals Go. Wild Chimpanzees. Wild Migrations.

    6. 1. Introduction

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