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Most problems in applied mathematics are inherently nonlinear. The effects due to nonlinearities may become important under the right circumstances. The area of nonlinear waves and coherent structures considers how nonlinear effects influence problems involving wave propagation. Sometimes these effects are desirable and lead to new applications mode-locked lasers, optical solitons and nonlinear optics.

Other times one has no choice but to consider their impact water waves. The area of nonlinear waves encompasses a large collection of phenomena, such as the formation and propagation of shocks and solitary waves. The area received renewed interest starting in the s with the development of soliton theory, which examines completely integrable systems and classes of their special solutions. Mathematical biology is an increasingly large and well-established branch of applied mathematics. This growth reflects both the increasing importance of the biological and biomedical sciences and an appreciation for the mathematical subtleties and challenges that arise in the modelling of complex biological systems.

Our interest, as a group, lies in understanding the spatial and temporal patterns that arise in dynamic biological systems.

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Manni Univ. Roma Tor Vergata, Italy , H. Speleers Univ. Roma Tor Vergata, Italy.

What Is Applied Mathematics?

Kunoth, Univ. Lyche, Univ. Serra-Capizzano, Univ. Sangalli, Univ. Pavia, Italy: Isogeometric analysis: foundations, developments and applications. School Format: The school will focus on hands-on group work, with participants focusing on one out of five biological problems. The mornings will start with plenary lectures that will showcase exemplary stories that have combined mathematical modeling and experimental biology, as well as discuss a number of mathematical methods in-depth. The lectures will cover a range of topics, including, but not limited to: vertex-based models, cellular automata models, cellular Potts modeling, partial-differential equations, and hybrid individual-based and continuum approaches.

Zebrafish epiboly and formation of compartments in 3D tissues: coupling mechanical behavior and gene regulation. This summer school will combine a traditional research school that introduces the participants to a mathematical topic of current interest with a typical modelling week where they are exposed to a specific real-world case-study problem which they model mathematically during several days of group work.

Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics Special Issues - Elsevier

In this summer school we focus on the topics crime and image processing which are attracting a lot of attention both from the point of view of mathematical research as well as from real-world applications, but where both sides are rarely taught together. Two types of techniques will be taught for each topic, one based on partial differential equations PDEs and the other on a discrete approach such as networks.

These techniques involve data modelling and processing aspects, which are rapidly growing in their importance for industrial and applied mathematics. Case study problems will be chosen to allow for the application and combination of both types of techniques. Banner art adapted from a figure by Hinke M. Front Matter pp. Mechanics pp. Electrical Resistance pp. Probability pp.

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Combinatorics pp. Series pp. Special Functions pp. Ordinary Differential Equations pp. Partial Differential Equations pp. Definite Integrals pp. Integral Equations pp. Matrices and Determinants pp. Numerical Approximations and Asymptotic Expansions pp. Inequalities pp. Optimization pp.

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Graph Theory pp. Geometry pp. Polynomials pp. Simultaneous Equations pp. Identities pp. Zeros pp. Functional Equations pp. Miscellaneous pp.