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  1. In the Miso Soup by Ryū Murakami
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  3. Dark stew of a plot stirs 'Miso Soup'
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  • Review: In the Miso Soup, by Ryu Murakami.
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He describes it as David Lynch writing a season of Mad Men with an emphasis on the women. Sounds like an interesting recommendation of Japanese weirdness to me!

In the Miso Soup by Ryū Murakami

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Discussion Questions What do you make of Frank? Is there a supernatural element to this story or is he just human?

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  • Dark stew of a plot stirs 'Miso Soup'?
  • In the Miso Soup by Ryū Murakami;
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No, the desire to murder comes from a place much less facile. Knowledge of that place is truly frightening, for it is knowledge of home itself.

Dark stew of a plot stirs 'Miso Soup'

Not in the Freudian sense of the traumatic childhood though, indeed, Frank began his bloody career while very young , but in self-knowledge, the true home, the one the dying Socrates urged us to strive to know. All they cared about was expensive bourbon and handbags and hotels. It isn't until the second night, however, in a scene that will shock you and make you laugh and make you hate yourself for laughing, that Kenji learns exactly how much he has to fear and how irrevocably his encounter with this great white whale of an American will change his life.

Kenji's intimate knowledge of Tokyo's sex industry, his thoughtful observations and wisecracks about the emptiness and hypocrisy of contemporary Japan, and his insights into the shockingly widespread phenomena of "compensated dating" and "selling it" among Japanese schoolgirls, give us plenty to think about on every page.


Kenji is our likable, if far from innocent, guide to the inferno of violence and evil into which he unwillingly descends-and from which only Jun, his sixteen-year-old girlfriend, can possibly save him. From the publisher. Site by BOOM. Search Go.

Book Review - In the Miso Soup by Ryū Murakami